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tv   News Ch8 Today at 400AM  NBC  August 23, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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zika virus alert in florida. the virus is spreading and many fear the bay area will become a hot zone. how governor rick scott is bringing a message prevention. and monitoring your children on social media. 8 is on your side with one mom's story whose made it her mission to protect her daughter online. a look at some of her strategies that could help you. and tracking the tropics. we are waking up to a new tropical storm swirling in the atlantic. while we keep an eye on that storm, another system could move closer to florida. thank you for watching news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo.
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how it is looking? >> yeah, busy in the tropics and that is to be expected this time of year as we head into the heart of hurricane season which typically peaks on september 10th. 61% of storms form in august or september. right now, we have the tropical depression fiona. that's losing its tropical characteristics likely in the next 24 hours. we have tropical we will show thaw in a moment. first, a quick check. that is expected to quickly become a category one hurricane, possibly as soon as tomorrow. the track takes it into the middle of the atlantic. no concern with it. invest 99l, the model takes it through the lesser antilless. a 60% chance of develop into a tropical system within the next
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system, it has a chance to impact either florida, somewhere in the southeastern united states. no cause for concern just yet but of course, this time of the year we will watch that closely. we are watching traffic as well. and so far, looks good. we have overnight construction in sarasota but right now, i-4 looks great through lakeland between each entrance of the polk parkway, just a 14 minute commute. and i-75, through wesley chapel, just fowler avenue. free and clear of slow downs here. let's go ahead and move over and take a look here at 275 off the howard frankland bridge. this is right by kennedy. that's a good drive as well. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to gene and gayle. happening today, back to back meetings in the bay area to fight zika virus. first tampa city leaders meet and today governor rick scott will hold two round tables in the bay area. one is in clearwater and the
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they are happening after a serious warning from doctors in the bay area, telling women to delay getting pregnant. news channel 8's melanie michael explains why. >> reporter: when she talks about baby, there's a warning she delivers daily. >> never i have ever imagined would i be telling a pregnant woman to use condoms. >> reporter: she doesn't minutes words when it comes to the zika virus -- doesn't mince words virus. >> i've never said that before and it's bad for business, but if you can delay, delay. because there's so many unanswered questions right now that it's better until we know more information. >> reporter: pregnant women are in serious danger if they contract the zika virus and risk delivering a baby with microcephaly. in fact, she points out something important for women who are having fertility problems.
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how long the virus stays in semen. >> the if you are concerned, you need to use protection. >> reporter: dr. cain finds herself in a unique situation, she is eight months pregnant and is not only advising patients but heeding the warnings herself. >> it's something that women in this area of florida should take into consideration when planning pregnancies. it's not a question of if but when it's going to be in news channel 8 today. >> well, an auburndale man looking for love on a dating website is killed in what police are calling a set-up. now three suspects are expected in court today. police explain the 27-year-old adam hillary made an 18-year- old on the plenty of fish online dating site. the two went out and after the date, investigators claim the woman returned to his apartment with three men. >> i think the plan was that he
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point, one of the men shot and killed hillary. this morning, all four suspects are facing first degree murder charges. this morning, the man who escaped deputies is back behind bars. he was arrested on saturday and a deputy put him in cuffs and placed him in the back of a squad car. he managed to squeeze through a rolled down window and disappear. but after more than a day on the run, he turned himself in last night and now he faces felony escape charges. polk county investigators are looking for a carjacker who targeted a woman at a lakeland restaurant. detectives tell us the employee was getting ready to leave when a man came up to her car window with a chain wrapped around his head. the man ordered the woman to get out and took off if her car. the car was found crashed and burned. talk about a close call.
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new port richey woman. a shovel flew off a truck and smashed into her front grill and got stuck. you can see the shovel wedged in the front grill. >> it hit the car ahead of me, bounced on to the roof and embedded itself in my grill. >> she's describing what happened as she was driving to tampa on the sun coast parkway. she's grateful no one was hurt. >> my angels were watching over >> the flying shovel incident happened about a week and she still has the shovel wedged in the car. she is hoping to show the insurance adjustor as she faces a $500 deductible for repairs on her car. president barack obama is headed to louisiana this morning. he will tour flood-ravaged areas like baton rouge. and he will meet with local if i recalls to talk about -- with
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the response. 30inches of rain fell over several days causing floods in southern louisiana. congress wants to get to the bottom of the skyrocketing cost of epipens. they can prevent fatal allergic reactions. since 2008, the price has gone up 400%. lawmakers are concerned parents can't afford the pens for children. they sent letters to the company that makes the pens. they want the company to justify the increase instead of blaming it on health plans. police come to the rescue of a man trapped inside a burning car. check out the dash cam video. you can see flames shooting from the hood. >> hang on, buddy. hang on, buddy. hang on there. >> those are police officers and good samaritans talking to the man trapped inside as they work to the put out the fire.
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desperately empties out water bottles over the flames. the man was taken to the hospital and he is expected to recover. time now 4:08. probably another hot one in for us. and a lot happening right now. here's ian with the details for you. >> warm start today. 83degrees right now in downtown tampa. and we will be flirting with record high temperatures this afternoon. likely just a couple degrees shy of the record. there is a look from downtown tampa it's 81 degrees in clearwater and st. pete. 82 in bradenton. 76degrees in apollo beach. forecast temperatures up around 90 degrees at lunchtime. and 93 for a forecast high temperature this afternoon. the record is 95 degrees set back in 1989. rapid refresh model showing a widely scattered coverage showers, maybe thunderstorms through the second part of the day. unlike the last few days with the westerly wind that pushes
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during the second part of the day, we're in more of a northeasterly flow. still the chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms. back up to 40% for the rest of the work week. we will check out the high temperatures over the next five days. we classify that as above average but you know that when you step outside. >> yeah, that's florida. >> so it goes. >> i love it here so no complaints. >> me too. all right, let's look at traffic in our city right now in the tampa bay area, pinellas county, looking good. no delays in st. pete on the interstate. free and clear of slow downs. and let's look at plant city on i-4 through the paul buchman highway, just an 11 minute commute. and look at this, mcintosh over to park road, just seven minutes. and great drive on the howard frankland bridge, only six minutes to cross. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. one family surprise
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backyard. and social media and your kids. how much monitoring parents should do to keep their children safe. it is 4:10 on this tuesday morning.
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8 is on your side to get you schooled. like many communication tool, teens and adults use social media in very different ways. >> and a bay area mom is asking schools to educate parents after her own daughter's online scare. news channel 8's meredyth censullo joins us now with a look at what parents need to know to make sure that the kids are safe on social media. >> reporter: yeah, and gayle, i know you probably deal this. a lot of parents are dealing with this. i did talk to that mom who discovered heritager was communicating with people -- discovered her teenager was communicating with people she didn't know. >> reporter: nicole stone has the passwords to her 14-year- old's social media accounts,
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>> she has it on private. >> reporter: she started using an app to monitor her daughter's activity online but that didn't stop strangers from communicating with her kid. >> i don't know if all children are doing this but her and her friends do group chats and they do multiple friends and friends of friends. and she was talking to somebody she's never physically met before. >> reporter: nicole's response, take the physician away but she struggles with >> you allow them to be like socially awkward because they don't the know what's going on with everybody else and have no -- i mean, this controls their social world. >> reporter: she wishes her daughter's school taught classes to parents on social media. for now, she is teaching herself how to use every platform just to keep tabs on her child. >> you have to be, 100% have to be. if you're not, you're basically
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exposed to your child. >> now i checked with hillsborough county schools. that's where nicole's daughter is enrolled and the system does have a one-hour cyber security class parents can take. it is up to the schools to organize that class and communicate with the parents. also that app that nicole tried, it's called watchdog. it is free. nicole says it's okay. it does do the trick to an extent but some platforms it time. >> and part is just talking to your kids and asking them, what are you using? and then you download it. >> or just talking about how dangerous it is, you know? that seems to work. >> some of the platforms are more difficult to figure out. and in large part, that's because they're not taylored
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tailerred for older generations -- they're not tailerred for older generations. you can see in these pictures from the university, staff, volunteers and parents helping them out during move- in. about 2400 students are enrolled for the fall semester. good luck to them all. >> good times. in an 8 on your side medical report this morning, the connection between instagram photos and your mo. 34,000 pictures from volunteers and discovered people who are depressed post pictures that are less bright and not saturated with colors. pictures that were bluer, grayer and darker made people feel blue. and depressed people posted more often. that's interesting. this morning, a big gap in the number of children diagnosed with adhd. researchers found blacks had the highest rates of attention
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as likely to actually be diagnosissed. the gap suggests undiagnosis among minority communities. and happening today, free hiv and help tight c testing. it will be on new port richey. the testing runs from 4:00 to 7:00 this afternoon. disappointing news for parents who rely on the tv rating system to help them choose appropriate shows for their kids to watch. >> turns out, the system is not so accurate. violence is prevalent in shows regardless of the rating explaining that violence is trivial xized. the -- trivialized. she will receive an award
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barack elementary in oldsmar. she is one of 213 math and science teachers to be recognized. and she gets $10,000 from the national science foundation. congratulations. your awe moment this morning and it's courtesy of a momma bear and the bear cubs. >> they wandered into someone's backyard to have fun. take a look. this is the backyard in new hampshire. she spotted this family of be aren't they cute? they hung around, sniffing out the benches and the play equipment. this one is too tall. one cub tried to take a ride on the rope swing. the mother bear found a trash can, tipped it over and carried it away. she believes the bears were looking for food. and a good time. >> better to have the bear out there than going through the kitchen. >> absolutely. >> and she did the right thing, take the video from the window. don't go outside. >> yeah, take that trash can
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anyway. get set for a warm start to your tuesday today. temperatures upper 70s, low 80s already. it's 83 in right now in tampa. 80 in venice. 76 in way ma massachusetts more comfortable to the north and east at 74 in zephyrhills brooksville. and quiet on max radar this morning with clear skies across the bay area. high pressure still in the gulf of mexico. that will suppress our rain chances into the afternoon. about a 30% chance for widely scattered showers thunderstorms. with a northeast flow now under like the last couple days where we have seen the storms push inland and we will see the chance for those towards the coast right through the evening hours. next five day, we will see the rain chance returning to 40% for the second half of the work week. and comes along with heat though. this afternoon, 93 degrees. only a couple degrees shy of the record high temperature. we will be hovering in the low 90s the rest of the week. >> all right. looking at traffic right
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sun coast area because there's overnight construction to be aware of here. if you're traveling on i-75, the main portion of the interstate looks good. but northbound from university, that ramp ramp is blocked so take clark or fruitville instead. meanwhile, westbound and eastbound university is still open. we have some lanes taken away. so a lot of construction underneath the interstate to be on the lookout for. and let's talk about travel times. good on ulmerton at 14 minutes seminole boar the only reason it's yellow is because of stop and go go action with the light -- stop and go action with the lights. and that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. facebook is doing something new just for teenagers. >> still ahead, how the social media site is launching a new app. and traffic around outlet malls is increasing. the reason why it's harder to find parking spots.
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and if you want to, connect with me on social media on both facebook and twitter. there is an extra crispy sunscreen. now the bottles are sold out for now but it takes you smell like fried chicken. >> somebody's going to lick you at the beach. >> yep. stranger things have happened.
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we're back.
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the love. outlets report increased traffic for july. 26% of shoppers visited a discount shopping center last month. that's up from march when outlet mall traffic saw a dramatic decrease. facebook is looking to boost the appeal with teenagers. they created a new app just for them. it's called life stage. it's a video-only social network that encourages teens to take a video and slap a design on top. they post the profile for their friends to view. users must be under 21 to access life stage. >> we can't because we're over 21. >> right. helping children with homework is never an easy task. >> in many case, the homework is beyond my understanding, sometimes. in the next half hour, where parents are turning for help. >> is gayle smarter than a fifth grader? >> we should test that out.
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what investigators claim he was doing just moments before he was snatched by the alligator. first, weather and traffic on the 8s is just three minutes
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rain chances still limited this afternoon to about 30%. not a whole lot of showers and thunderstorms to cool us off. with that, the high temperature surging a couple degrees shy of the record high temperature which was 95 set back in 1989. and more above average heat through the remainder of the work week with the high temperatures in the low 90s. traffic coming off the howard frankland bridge by kennedy, good drive into downtown. in fact, on the howard frankland bridge, only going to take six minutes to cross it. and roughly 10 across the sunshine skyway bridge bridge and that's between the toll plazas. and the courtney campbell
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as well. 75, state road 64 to fruitville road, bradenton, sarasota, up to speed here. and look at this, clark road to
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fighting the zika virus. governor rick scott will be in the bay area for important meetings about the virus. plus a new warning for pregnant women. plus, a fatal crash in hillsborough county. and tracking the tropics. there is a lot of activity in the atlantic the this morning. overnight, tropical storm gaston gained strength and is not the only tropical system that we are tracking this morning. the latist advisory just ahead. -- the latest advisory just ahead. good morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. a big day for burger lovers


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